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Dr. Martha Boone
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by Tatiana Jones on Dr. Martha Boone

I would highly highly recommend Dr. Boone to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, compassionate and understanding doctor. Not only Dr. Boone but everyone who works with her, have demonstrated nothing but superior patient care. I have never experienced anything like it before. I was so scared to have surgery, but all that fear was put to rest with Dr. Boone. I'm so grateful to this amazing staff for all they have done to improve my health.

by AM on Dr. Martha Boone

Dr. Boone, thank you so much for being the most wonderful, caring & professional doctor I've every been to. You have given me hope for the first time in many years that there is a solution to my problem. I have an appt. w/Dr. Robert Moore I look forward to meeting w/him & told his office that y'all would be sending my info to them.

Also - your staff is the BEST. Everyone I have encountered needs kudos for the way they treat your patients. You have done a great job in hiring the best. Thanks to you all for today & the other days I've been in your office.

I'm sure Dr. Moore will send you a report on his findings after my appt. Whatever he recommends (as long as you agree) I'll do.

Thank you again for everything!

by Simply the Best on Dr. Martha Boone

I was sick and in need of a urologist now. I had been going to a medium sized practice in North Fulton for years having had 12 episodes of kidney stones and suffering the normal urinary issues a 59 year old male seems to develop.

I called and found, to my chagrin, that the 6 doctor practice had now changed its name and was swallowed up by a huge, monster of a urological practice that did not even know my name after 14 years and dozens of visits. They calmly informed me I would have to wait over a month and they did not care one iota that I had not been able to urinate properly for weeks with almost not a drop for days. I was sick and hurting so much I could barely walk.

I called my primary care doctor who gave me the name of Marta B. Boone, MD. I was freaked out having never seen a female urologist and having never been a patient of hers before, figured there was no chance of seeing her.

After I got over the stupid male/female deal, I called and much to my surprise, I got an appointment right away. Before I went to see Dr. Boone, I read all the reviews I could find and found out on Yelp that she did not want patients wearing all kinds of funky musk oils and over bearing perfumes and colognes.

After living through three elderly aunts and a 90 year old mother wearing 2 quarts of different types of perfume in the back of a Lincoln Town car on the way to church on Easter Sunday, I said thank god, somebody who thinks like I do. I read all the silly reviews from other patients, typing in a perfume induced coma, complaining about Dr. Boone not liking their expensive toilet water and just knew right then and there, this was my doctor.

I showered using Irish Spring, shaved and used deodorant before coming to Dr. Boone and she said not a word. She just doesn’t want you coming in to her office smelling like a French whore house, so don’t. That simple.

As it turned out, my bladder was about to rupture and I had retained 2 liters of urine. She looked at me squarely in the eye while telling me to go directly to the hospital and don’t stop at go, don’t go to jail, just meet her at the hospital.

Now, she had never met me before. She surely had a full day planned as her waiting room was very busy. By the way, she did not make me wait at all like some self-absorbed Doctors do.

Her office staff is just a frigging outstanding as she is and they run a tight ship and schedule. I have got right in every time I go. And you can get an appointment the same day, when needed. Use the awesome web portal which is updated with all your info right after you are finished. Now try and get that service at that over booked, self-righteous, huge, massive North Fulton place! You can avail yourself of all services right from you cell phone.

So anyway, we meet in the hospital for a little knife action and she is the best surgeon I have ever had in my Netherlands. I am guessing the best person to be operating on my most private of possessions is a female urologist, not a rough old ,aging, uncaring doctor.

The best part of the whole interaction with Dr. Boone is the aftercare. Show me a Dr. that stays as long as you need to help you understand what is happening to you. Show me a Dr. that looks you squarely in the eye every time they speak to you. Show me a Dr. that doesn’t hide their face behind a medical chart while talking to you. Show me a Dr. who radiates care and compassion in every interaction they have with you and show me a Dr. that hugs a sweaty, blubbering 59 year old man crying like a baby when he realizes that after a lifetime of not taking care of himself, the grim reaper might just be swinging his scythe at the very core of his existence.

If you show me that Doctor, that means that you have made it to see Dr. Boone and you are in the best hands available in Atlanta dealing with urology and that is exactly where you need to be. She is beyond awesome and no, she is not my sister, my aunt or my friend. She is just my Doctor, for life. Do not pay attention to that silliness on Yelp. Just clean up, leave the toxic fragrances at home and experience the best care available. You deserve it and you won’t regret it.

A extremely pleased patient, DJ!

by TG on Dr. Martha Boone

This note is just to say how much I was impressed with the Doctor. She was extremely patient to listen and to respond in a layman’s language the answers to questions gave her .I will definitely follow her instructions. How I wish all the Doctors have the patience which the Doctor exhibited. No wonder the Doctor is considered as a TOP DOCTOR continuously.

by Marcie on Dr. Martha Boone

My experience with Dr Boone and her entire staff was phenomenal from beginning to end.

I have a tumor on my bladder which I chose to have removed.

Dr Boone was very caring, knowlegeable, and reassuring throughout my health challenge. She made sure I understood every step on my procedures!

I would high recommend her to anyone!

Thank you, thank you Dr Boone and staff!

by Alice Alexander on Dr. Martha Boone

Dr.Boone did a cystoscopy that was so painless I wasn't even sure it'd happened! She is just a great doc all around. Gentle, compassionate, and smart as a whip.

by Marissa on Dr. Martha Boone

I recently had Lithotripsy with Dr. Boone and am happy to report that she took very care of me and I only needed 2 regular Tylenol after the operation!

by Mr. Calhoun on Dr. Martha Boone

“I have a spinal cord injury and having Dr. Boone inject Botox into my bladder to treat my urge incontinence has made it possible for me to work and travel! I am very grateful to Botox and Dr. Boone. Having her do the procedure in the office really keeps down the cost, also.”

by Terri on Dr. Martha Boone

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for everything. I especially want to thank you for strongly urging me to see the doctor you referred me to. I know you understood what a dire situation I was in and you were wonderful. I can't thank you enough for your sincere care and concern!

by Lynn on Dr. Martha Boone

My life has been complete transformed by the implantation of the InterStim device. I was plagued with both fecal (stool) and urinary incontinence. Having the device placed, 1 year ago, has completely given me my life back!

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